Hypnotic Scripts That Work

john_cerbone_hypnotic_scripts_that_workThe Breakthrough Book –
A Script Encyclopedia for Professional Hypnotists

This internationally acclaimed text features over 150 major hypnotic breakthrough suggestions and techniques that John personally researched and pioneered.

Each of these scripts have been successfully client tested and are now available to for you to use in your professional hypnosis practice!
This is the book my dear late friend and legend Ormond McGill, Dean of American Hypnotists, called, “A Wonderful, Wonderful Work! Something every modern Hypnotist must have (for use) in their practice!”

Numerous leading Hypnotists from all over the World are praising this work, calling it the Gold Standard for its kind.

Ideal for both new and seasoned Hypnotists.

Includes effectual hypnotic suggestion breakthrough technique suggestion scripts and complementary medical hypnotic suggestion techniques for:

Bedtime / Days End Induction, Session Optimizing Suggestions 1 –62, Overcoming Fear of Travel and Agoraphobia, Anti-Anxiety Suggestions and Managing Panic Attacks, Healing Anger – Creating Forgiveness, You’re About To Have A Breakthrough, Overcoming a Breakup and Succeeding at Taking the LSATS, Overcoming Claustrophobia Suggestions, Overcoming Clutter, Coping With A Snoring Mate – Better Rest, Managing Sadness (3), Free of Drinking Wine, Overcoming Driving Fears, Better Driving and Past Trauma Release.