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Thank you for listening to the online summit “Creating Your Dream Business: How to Follow Your Calling, Fulfill Your Purpose, and Succeed in the Work You Love!”.

Download John Cerbone’s Self-Hypnosis MP3 – Creating the Masterpiece Chapter of Your life as a free gift to you.

About this recording – Every person alive wants a better chapter of their life to begin, activating improvements, as if automatically happening on their own, generating a masterpiece life chapter. What if these improvements had already taken place at some future moment? Your moment is now. Time to activate the masterpiece chapter of your life!

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Strongly Suggested Safety!!!!

Use for 120+ nights – each night as reinforcement, pre-bed time, as per agreement.

Safety: Appropriate Locations for use – Common Questions Answered

Can I use it on a plane – NO

Can I play this on a train – NO

Can I play this on a boat – NO

How about on some pool float – NO

Play it in a chair or lying down on some bed somewhere!

So . . . best if used with distractions such as phones turned off, and in a private location, such as in a bed lying down or in some comfortable and stabilized chair such as a recliner. If headphones are used, best if put on from the back or the head, wire touching back of neck, never one’s throat.

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