Meet Master Clinical, Street and Stage Hypnotist
John Cerbone “The Trance-Master”

hypnotist_john_cerboneFrom Trance Master Productions comes World Famous Hypnotist John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone who has hypnotized over 200,000 people, dropped strangers into deep hypnotic trance in split-seconds, thereby earning recognition from his peers as The Fastest Hypnotist Alive.

John’s performed in Europe, UK, Universities all over the USA, and in clubs in NYC, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. He’s appeared on MTV, Fox News, and on East Coast & European radio stations.

John is an Internationally known bestselling Author of books “Hypnotic Scripts that Work” [volumes 1 & 2]. John’s specialized Hypnosis instructional CD’s will debut to Celebrities and Media at the Eco Emmys 2012. He’s developed new methods of instant induction for stage, street, and clinical hypnosis called “Speed-Trance” He has taught this course about “ Speed Trance “ in over 18 countries and most of the USA.

On the clinical side of Hypnosis, John has helped thousands of people to permanently quit smoking, rest better, regulate and maintain body weight. John has helped to reduce stress, overcome fears, improve behaviors, recall, remember and perform more optimally in a great many areas, as well as laugh out loud at hypnosis comedy shows, and speed-hypnosis demonstrations. John’s credits include Fortune 500 companies/organizations worldwide for effective programs that he has created specifically for their usage.

With over 20 years of World Class Experience, John Cerbone is a NGH Board Certified Hypnotist and Fellow. An ICBCH Diplomat, holding dozens of Hypnosis Certifications and the Inventor and Developer of Speed-Trance Hypnosis. He is the author of the Internationally best selling Professional work, Hypnotic Scripts That Work, the Breakthrough Book, now in use on 6 Continents.

• Order of the Braid
• Certified Stage Show Hypnotist
• Director of the Cerbone Hypnosis Institute
• ICBCH Certified Hypnosis Instructor
• Certified Medical Meditation and Stress Management Specialist
• Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Career Instructor
• Certified Pediatric Hypnotist
• Certified Pain Management Hypnotist
• Certified Emergency Pain Management Techniques Instructor
• Certified Sports Enhancement Hypnotist
• Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Instructor
• Certified Stage Show and Demonstrational Hypnotist
• Corporate Motivational Hypnosis Consultant
• Certified Professional Hypnotist
• Advanced Clinical Hypnotist
• National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor
• National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Hypnotist
• Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists
• Certified Professional Life Coach
• Certified Professional NLP Practitioner
• Certified Regression Hypnotist
• ICBCH Certified Hypnotist Diplomate
• Certified Medical Meditation Instructor

• Author of Hypnotic Scripts That Work – The Breakthrough Book
• Creator of ” Speed Trance, Instant Hypnotic Inductions”
• Instructor of “Street Trance, How to Do Impromptu Hypnosis”
• Instructor of “Skits and Bits, Learn How to Create Astonishing Stage Hypnosis Skits and Routines”

• 2006 Winner of the Prestigious Walter E. Brackelmann’s Award – Person of the Year
• 2007 Winner of the Prestigious Walter E. Brackelmann’s Award – Outstanding Oratory.
• 2008 Winner of the ICBCH Clinical Hypnotist of the Year Award

Memberships and Organizational Affiliations

• National Guild of Hypnotists
• The International Hypnosis Hall of Fame
• The National Association of Mobile Entertainers
• ICBCH – International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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