FUTURE Hypnotic Mastery Methods – Hypnotist John Cerbone – NGH 2016 – Promo 4

FUTURE Hypnotic Mastery Methods – Hypnotist John Cerbone – NGH 2016
Your Must Have Forward Thinking Breakthroughs for Your Professional Practice – – the Future of Enhanced Hypnotist Performance – Promo 1
A 1-Day Post-Conference Program

2016 NGH Convention Registration


2016 National Guild of Hypnotists Education Confernce
In this information jam-packed and more highly detailed extended program, you, yes you, will learn: revolutionary CLINICAL ENHANCEMENT TECHNIQUES – which John Cerbone has personally researched, developed and pioneered over a 3 decades long hypnosis career, including:
 LEARN – Futuristic yet Proven Effective Outside the Box ideas and methodologies for Results Enhancement
 LEARN – Advanced Information Gathering – your Key for Higher Impact
 LEARN – How to Reduce and even Eliminate Resistance!
 The Subconscious Mind – now the AUTOMATIC Resistance ELIMINATOR!
 TRIGGER Incredible POWER! – Enhanced Activated Powerhouse of Creativity & Inspiration!
 LEARN – to Generate Subconscious, Self-Perpetuating Self-Improvement! – ALWAYS!!!!
 ACTIVATE – AUTOMATICALLY Liberate Release, Reformulate, Improve!!!!
 UTILIZE – The Power of Intent for Instant Transformation
 CREATE – Self-Adaptive Pathways to SUCCESS!!!!
 SEE & EXPERIENCE – Cutting-Edge Speed Induction/Re-Induction Techniques – where, why & when
 HIGH IMPACT – LOW EFFORT –Instant Session Re-enforcement Triggers & Proofs
 LIBERATE – The Healer Within
 INSPIRE – A New FREEDOM! Create A New Start! – The Next Chapter of your Client’s Life Begins Unstoppably!
 RESULTS ENHAHCED – with You as the High-Impact Hypnotist!
 http://www.ngh.net/conv/2016/211.pdf

Description: By popular demand, this is the MUST HAVE PROGRAM you’ve been waiting for. In this seminar come and Interactively Learn these Big Idea Secrets; a highly-packed information-filled, interactive learning experience. you will practice and master. John Cerbone’s personally developed breakthrough insights, induction techniques, along with many clearly innovative methods and tools which can blow wide-open your results as never before! Come Learn the Keys to the future of your Hypnotic success! Your Clinical Practice does need this class!
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