Hypnotists – Learn the “Cerbone Butterfly Induction” & “Speed Trance” in Las Vegas

Learn my World-Famous “Cerbone Butterfly Induction” @ “Speed Trance” – HT LIVE 2016 – Las Vegas
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Speed Trance – Come to “HT Live” and learn my original “Cerbone Butterfly Induction” and many of my other Speed Trance inductions this summer! Ideal for Hypnotists (all levels), Magicians, Street Performers, and all!

Hey everyone, it’s your friend and colleague hypnotist John Cerbone. Come join me for my post-conference workshop SPEED-TRANCE, at HT Live in Las Vegas August 30 and 31st, 2016. You will sky-rocket your hypnotic skills, where I will personally train you to perform my World-Famous “Cerbone Butterfly Induction,” along with a wide variety of other speed-inductions I have personally created and developed, for “Clinical,” “Stage,” “Street” hypnosis and even “Emergency Hypnosis” and ideal for Media Appearances!

John Cerbone

All of my personally developed and original inductions have a wide variety of uses, boosting your skill set as a hypnotist to the next quantum-level, each induction you’ll learn will have you performing like an expert in a matter of hours, guaranteed to blow minds! If not now, when? If you’ve been thinking about it, just stop and register right now! Like hundreds have personally trained, to be glad you did. To date I have created 60 inductions, and more are in the way!

Come and learn the techniques that started the World-Wide Speed inductions craze! Make these your own!
Click the link below to be part true part of the next generation of our hypnosis profession, and rise up to be your very, very best! Learn from the Trance-Master™! I’ll SEE YOU THERE!
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Hypnotist John Cerbone – 2016 Speed Trance Training – HT Live, Las Vegas, NV – Promo 11
Hypnotist John Cerbone Invites you to join him at HT Live in Las Vegas, August 30 & 31, 2016, to learn his world-famous Butterfly Induction and so much more at “Speed-Trance” – Lightening Fast Hypnotic inductions.

John Cerbone

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SPEED-Trance Workshop –
The “ One & Only “ John Cerbone
Stage Hypnotist / Clinical Hypnotist.

John Cerbone is personally inviting YOU ( YES YOU ) to come and join him in Las Vegas, Nevada during the HYPNOTHOUGHTS LIVE Conference 2016 in August, to be held at the Orleans Casino and Hotel.

Mr. Cerbone will be holding a Post-Conference course where YOU can learn Speed-Trance Lightening Fast Hypnosis inductions.

John is the creator/developer of these lightning fast techniques and has created 60 Speed Trance Inductions so far!

YOU will learn from John who is a world renowned Hypnotist and his training is above reproach

John Cerbone

Hypnotist John Cerbone Invites you to join him at Hypnothoughts Live in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Orleans Casino and Hotel.

The “ ONE and ONLY “ World Famous Hypnotist John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone is a world renowned hypnotist, entertainer, consulting clinical hypnotist, hypnotic instructor, actor, and internationally bestselling author.

Mr. John Cerbone has over the past 40 plus years hypnotized well over 200,000 people. YOU can find him regularly dropping complete strangers into a deep hypnotic trance in mere seconds or fractions of a second. This ability to drop a person into a “trance” in mere seconds has earned him peer recognition, where he is called: “The Fastest Hypnotist Alive.

John Cerbone was the original who started the international hypnotic speed inductions craze. This groundbreaking work has gained him international notoriety, having invented and developed dozens of hypnotic speed inductions. We know that there is more to come from JOHN CERBONE, which means he can instantaneously hypnotize numerous people in many cases in even fractions of a second.
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