Training you this August! FUTURE Hypnotic Mastery Methods

I have an exciting project coming up this August. This summer I am teaching a 1 day post-conference program at the NGH Convention & Educational Conference called –
FUTURE Hypnotic Mastery Methods – Your Must Have Forward Thinking Breakthroughs for Your Professional Practice – – the Future of Enhanced Hypnotist Performance

Throughout my decades-long career I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking of ways to promote better session results, higher impact, and working with people’s minds to generate higher yield outcomes beyond even what the session topic was initially about.

In this 1 full day program I will show you, the consulting hypnotic practioner to easily learn and implement, new ways to enhance session results dramatically, into the next generation of hypnosis technique. I’ve taught aspects of this before as a 2 hour program, and most everyone in attendance told me the 2 hour program was so interesting and groundbreaking, they didn’t want it to end, demanding my promise host a full day class shortly. This is that day! You need to be here! So here’s your opportunity!!!

I will teach you a wide variety of personally developed techniques which will dramatically increase your Hypnosis session results, boosting your methods into the future of our hypnosis profession.

Our future is now! Make this your opportunity!

For this program, you need to attend with an open mind, take notes, and get ready. . . as your Clinical Hypnosis practice is about to undergo a major upgrade. IF you need more information from me, just contact me right here.

All you need to do to attend is join me at the NGH conference this summer,
Post-conference class, Monday, August 15, 2016.
For more information and to register, go to: To register and learn more click here.