John Cerbone’s – Power Hypnosis Book Promo

In this exclusive volume, “Power Hypnosis – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions – Insights and Suggestions”, best-selling author and world renown Board Certified Professional Hypnotist John Cerbone, shares his decades of clinical experience, and has generated personally-developed, must-have insider insights and suggestions for the next generation of successful clinical hypnotic breakthroughs in this his third book.
For trained clinical hypnotism professionals, newbies to seasoned pros, you will quickly come to utilize a wide variety of groundbreaking insights unleashing greater clinical session effectiveness.

This book is jam-packed with cutting edge hypnosis theory and suggestions, which can revolutionize your work as a professional hypnotic clinician, dramatically increasing session results while improving clients’ lives, making you the go-to, in-demand hypnotic expert.

Isn’t it time to bring your clinical hypnosis programs to the next quantum level, by achieving a paradigm shift into the next generation of hypnosis?

“Power Hypnosis – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions” will effectively help hypnotists meet and exceed the needs of individual clients and situations. Get this book if you are serious about hypnosis as your profession!

In this work you will learn to:

• Redefine Your Professional Thinking to Achieve Optimized Results
• Better Craft Suggestions for Maximized Session Impact
• Develop Your Own New-View Insights
• Understand and Utilize the Power of Hypnotic Intent
• Help Your Clients Achieve Permanent Life-Transformation
• Skillfully Craft Self-Perpetuating Suggestions for Ever-Continuing Client Success
• Unleash Clients’ Best Subconscious Potentials
• Effectively Dissolve Client Power-Blockers
• Enhance Client Can-Do Empowerment
• Empower Enhanced Internal Self-Communication
• Effectively Resolve Power Struggles and Dissolve Limitation Thinking
• Activate Challenge Orientation Mindsets and Self-Adapting Suggestions
• Achieve Enhanced Trance Depth for More Effective Session Impact
• Gain Subconscious Agreement for Beneficial Life Improvement
• Activate Inner Wisdom and Knowing
• and so Much More.
Literally Hundreds of Revolutionary Hypnotic Insights and Suggestions