What others are saying about the new book, Power Hypnosis- the Future of Hypnotic Sessions

Recommended! This is a remarkable and unusual book – it made me think again about things I’ve been doing for years.
Robert M Dunscomb

I am very happy to see that this new book by ” John Cerbone ” is coming out so soon – This is in advance of both Hypnothoughts Live and the NGH Conference. I was given a chance to read a proof and it is one of the most “AMAZING” books coming out on Hypnosis. If you have not pre-ordered your copy do so now – This is one book worth having in your collection of Hypnosis books and worth the time to read it and learn from one person who has lived his life doing Hypnosis.
Doc Mac

Attention Hypnosis and Hypnotherapist friends A must have new book from my friend and colleague John Cerbone: Power Hypnosis, is now available of the introductory price of $19.50 per download. I already got my copy and its loaded on my tablet!!
Brian Tomasio CHt

Re., “Random thoughts often lead to major breakthroughs. Be a bit more aware of your own creative random thoughts, even if fleeting and fast.”
Just read this in John Cerbone’s hot off the presses new book on hypnosis I preordered and just received. It crystalized one of the techniques I use but have never consciously articulated to myself. I have to now admit that technique has contributed greatly to my own creativity and resulted in many of my professional inventions and patents.
My bet is most people do not consciously practice this, rather treat those thoughts as fleeting mind chatter to be ignored, sometimes metaphorically called internal chattering monkeys.
John’s book appears to be full of these pearls and I’m really looking forward to bringing them to my conscious awareness. Thanks John!
Rick Landsman

“Insight. John Cerbone uses this word throughout the book Power Hypnosis – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions – Insights and Suggestions to help the reader master the techniques and approaches of hypnosis. But this book is a real insight into almost 40 years of experience which John Cerbone brings to the reader in a clear, concise, practice and straightforward way. Do you want a solid foundation for understanding hypnosis? Are you an advanced practitioner who wants to refine your own work? Are you new to hypnotherapy and want to make sure you really understand hypnosis and the subconscious mind? Then this book is for you.”
Dr. Richard Nongard
Author of Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic methods of Milton Erickson

A must have for any professional hypnotist, This awesome book
is not only comprehensive and concise, but also gives the reader
updated and redefined interdisciplinary approaches to understanding how the mind and hypnosis combines.
This masterpiece uncovers the secrets of the masters and some will even say it is one up the newest Bibles of Hypnotism.
Capt. Bill Pettek BCH, CI

John, The Trance Master, as he is known brings his insight and experience to the front in his great new book. This work is a great read for the newcomer or those who have been in the field for a while. Get this book if you are serious about hypnosis as profession!
Will Horton, Psy.D. CAC
World’s Leading NLP Trainer

John Cerbone’s third book, Power Hypnosis, – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions is an excellent guide to leading-edge hypnosis suggestion and theory. A well-known innovator in the field, Cerbone’s techniques serve to advance traditional methods. I recommend this book to all professional clinical hypnotists and hypnotherapists who wish to improve client outcomes.
Deborah Miller, BS, BCH

“Every once in a while someone comes along in the fields of science, physics, psychology, and medicine whose work and creative insights initiate a paradigm shift. John Cerbone is that kind of someone, and his book Power Hypnosis – The Future of Hypnotic Sessions reflects his work and creative hypnotic insights that will initiate such a paradigm shift in the field of Hypnotism.”
Janice Matturro