Announcement NYC Workshop – Learn Speed-Trance from The Trance-Master, John Cerbone in Manhattan

Hypnotist John Cerbone – “The Trance-Master” announces a Live Speed-Trance / Instant Life Trance-Formations Training Workshop Scheduled for April 10 & 11, 2015 –
Manhattan Location!!!! Very Limited Seating, reserve your Space Right Now!

Learn Speed-Trance / Instant Life Trance-Formation from Method Creator and Developer, World Famous Hypnotist, John “The Trance-Master” Cerbone.”

This is the ONLY scheduled Speed Trance and Instant Life Trance-Formation class scheduled for Manhattan this year.

Learn new lightening-fast hypnotic inductions from method creator and boost your hypnosis skills, for clinical, stage and street!
John has been clocked Hypnotizing Strangers ice cold as fast as 1/5 of a second, come and LEARN the next generation of Hypnosis!!! For more information and to register, visit,
or Contact The Trance-Master at